Calm relaxation through hypnosis individually or in a group is the benefit of each session. It is self empowering, natural and easy. The curious part of hypnotherapy is in relaxing, perceptions can change. Your own resources will be used, affirmed and can be strengthened.


Hypnotherapy sessions are available Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM

Office location at: 260 Maple Court #122 Ventura 93003

(Distance sessions available by phone or Skype)


Rates:  Individual/Group $40-150 per session sliding scale

Skype $80 per session, group of 3 for $200


Email Bruce for appointment at

Bruce Hoffman, CHt, CH

Gentle conversational style of positive hypnosis is utilized.


Offering Free Initial Consultations during the month of August. Email to for appointment.

Hypnosis offers tools to transform perceptions in a positive affirming way.  That is the goal with hypnotherapy, transform perceptions in a positive self affirming manner. It is getting beyond your self critic and limitations to relax and uncover resources within yourself.


 The feeling of deep relaxation is an amazing feeling of a great sleep in a short time in Hypnosis. It is beneficial to have the body awareness of relaxation that can be used yourself in stressful times when the mind may be whirring and a centered quiet natural relaxation is a peaceful goal.


There are a wealth of areas that hypnosis has been found helpful for:

Anxiety and Stress reduction, Pain Relief, Stop Smoking, Ruminating, Self Esteem, Relationship issues, Identity. It is about looking at areas that we have blockages or told ourselves stories in the past and wish to rewrite those stories in a positive self affirming way today.







What you receive in Hypnosis is dependent on your own imagination.  It is fascinating to know that a change in our own perception changes our experience.  The stairway to the light is an awakening into a place of your dreams.

Imagine Your Place...

Hypnosis is about utilizing your own imagination, creativity and willingness to take an active role...and relaxing.  :)